Welcome to St. Laurent School!


Welcome to St. Laurent School, the Home of the Hawks! While “HAWKS” may be the name that proudly adorns our various sports teams, it also stands for so much more to the citizens of our school. It represents the kind of people we strive to be and the values we try to instill into ourselves and our students…

The ‘H’ is for HONESTY, ‘A’ for having a positive ATTITUDE, ‘W’ for understanding the importance of education and a good WORK ETHIC, ‘K’ for the KINDNESS we wish to bestow upon others, and last but not least, ‘S’ for good SPORTSMANSHIP that helps make any type of competition fun. GO HAWKS!

We are proud of our school community and the hard work and dedication so many of our students show when it comes to their education and school spirit. It’s what makes St. Laurent School come alive!

St. Laurent School is located about a 45 minute drive north of Winnipeg on #6 Highway along beautiful Lake Manitoba.